Our Vision

Culper Battalion prepares our Cadets to "See All, Fear None" by empowering college students through caring leadership and positive influence to serve their country and develop themselves personally and professionally. Culper Battalion fosters the creation of a diverse group of disciplined professionals, and adaptive lifelong leaders of the U.S. Army and Nation.

Our Mission

The Culper Battalion ROTC recruits, retains, develops, and graduates resilient, adaptive leaders who are mentally, physically, emotionally, and morally ready to serve our Nation as commissioned officers in the United States Army.

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September 2019


Freshmen and sophomores enroll in Basic Course, which meets for several hours during the week. In the classroom portion of instruction they study subjects including leadership, team building, problem solving, and oral communication. During the lab portion of the curriculum, they receive training on first aid, land navigation, tactics, marching, and marksmanship.

Cadets also participate in Physical Training (PTs) throughout the week. Cadets learn how to conduct PT to the Army standard while increasing their flexibility, endurance, muscular strength, and aerobic capacity.

In addition to the classroom and lab instruction and PT, Cadets participate in one Field Training Exercise (FTX) per semester. Cadets receive more in-depth training on subjects covered in class and lab. In addition, they are given the opportunity to go to a rifle marksmanship range, rappel, and train with Cadets from neighboring schools.

Juniors and seniors enroll in Advance Course that meets for several hours a week in addition. They study subjects including advanced leadership and management, small-unit tactics, and military ethics. In addition, they will be leading the underclassmen in PTs and labs so they can gain experience of being a leader.

Our Program

Hofstra University is a host school for the Army ROTC Program on Long Island.

Cadets can go to either Hofstra University or Stony Brook University to attend physical training, classes, and labs, while attending their regular classes at their respective university.

Being a host university, universities from across Long Island fall under Hofstra's ROTC program to include students from:

Host School: Hofstra University

Hofstra University is the center for ROTC on Long Island (Alpha Company) and was the original university that started the Long Island ROTC program. Hofstra University covers the cadets that attended universities and / or lived in Western Long Island. Hofstra University hosts many of the events and ceremonies for ROTC throughout the semester.

Satellite School: Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University ROTC program (Bravo Company) was created for the cadets that attended universities and / or lived in Eastern Long Island. Students can opt to go to Stony Brook University instead of Hofstra University for classes and physical training. Cadets will go to Hofstra University for major events and ceremonies throughout the semester.


  • Opportunities to earn scholarships that can cover full tuition fees or room and board.

  • A monthly salary, that is tax exempted, for contracted cadets.

  • Yearly Allowance for Textbooks

  • Gain leadership experience, learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime, and improve your physical aptitude.

  • Gain the respect of your peers and your future employers after your service.

  • Commission as a second lieutenant in the US Army.


A person may take ROTC classes during their freshmen and/or sophomore years of college with no commitment to the US Army, with the exception of cadets that received scholarship. However, during their junior year, they must choose to contract (serve in the US Army) or leave the program.

Commissioned second lieutenants serve on active, reserve or National Guard duty.

To join Army ROTC, you must be:

  • Age requirement: Maximum 30 years of age for scholarships

  • Age requirement: Maximum 34 years of age for non-scholarships (exceptions considered)

  • A U.S. Citizen by birth or by naturalization and in good health

  • A freshman or sophomore

  • A full-time college student

    • With an overall GPA of 2.0 (Cadets without the ROTC Scholarships)

    • With an overall GPA of 2.5 (Cadets with ROTC Scholarships)

  • To join you must be an undergraduate or graduate with two or more years remaining.